Crimes Against Jewish persons by Jewish National Socialists persons

Excerpt from book “The Jubilee Murders – Originators and Methods of Mass Murders“.

In 1931, the Jewish British newspaper publisher Lord William Maxwell Aitken Beaverbrook wrote that many anti-Semites were of Jewish race. He wrote about a conversation with Alfred Rosenberg, chief-ideologist of NSDAP: “He is a decisive anti-Semit, and like many other opponents of Jews, he wears their racial characteristics on his face.“ [1]

According to Hannah Arendt, the “Hitler movement” was used “[…] by Jews […] as a means of preserving Judaism […] by the stupid and dangerous saying of the return of the’ Dark Ages'[…]. Everyone knows that the emergence and growth of modern anti-Semitism coincides with the process of Jewish assimilation, secularization and the extinction of the old religious and spiritual contents of Judaism. Looking at this process from a Jewish point of view, it means that large parts of the people were threatened with their existence by internal disintegration and external dissolution in the environment. In this situation, those who were concerned about this process came up against the strange idea that it might be possible to use hatred of the Jews for the purpose of conserving the people, as it were, by force. The more’ eternal’ anti-Semitism is, the more certain the’ eternal’ existence of the Jewish people. Behind this superstition was also a very real historical experience, however much he himself is a travesty of the religious idea of the elect of the people. Christian hatred of the Jews had indeed been an extremely effective political and spiritual means of preserving Judaism. The Jews were able to confuse modern anti-Christian racial anti-Semitism with medieval hatred of the Jews, partly because, despite all their assimilation, they knew very little about Christianity and most of them simply overlooked the actual Christian character of the civilization into which they assimilated. Thus it could happen that the stupid and dangerous saying of the return of the’ Dark Middle Ages’ to the Hitler movement was widely spread by Jews in particular. [2]

From a German-racist point of view, the so-called Jewish question would have been solved by itself, but from a Jewish-racist point of view, the catastrophe of normalization threatened to happen, namely the non-continuing of peculiarity, isolation, foreignness to the 99.0% other inhabitants of Germany by an assimilation demonized as perdition. In 1911, the Jewish researcher of population Theilhaber had calculated the community formation of persons of Jewish origin in Germany with persons of Non-Jewish origin by marriage to Non-Jewish persons and by leaving the Jewish church community and had demonized them as “the perdition of the German Jews”. There will be no more Jews in Germany in the year 2000, because the German Jews will no longer be racial conscious. [3]

Persons of Jewish origin in Germany were no longer complying with racist commandments of the Jewish religion. In the book of Ezra, chapters 9 and 10, the prophet Ezra, in the name of Yahweh, orders the Israelites to marry exclusively Jewish and to expel Non-Jewish wives and their children. The statistician Heinrich Silbergleit formulated in 1930, from his “Jewish” point of view, a justification for the realisation of the NSDAP’s programme, which he did not cite. “Felix A. Theilhaber announced the perdition of German Jews more than 20 years ago. And yet, the statistical situation was, […] a rather tense one, even at that time. Since then, it has become even more acute as a result of the escalating, somewhat endemic and additional birth crisis of the war years. . […] What seems to us to be of the essence, that is […] the restoration of the close connection with the old traditions in the area of population policy. However, we can hardly imagine that this would still be possible in the case of German Jews, but this is not meant to be the word for every renunciation of the policy of the effectiveness of the smaller (underlining by a.) means.” [4]

The NSDAP government’s laws forced the renewed separation of Jewish and Non-Jewish persons. In 1936, State Secretary Wilhelm Stuckart and Hans Globke of the Reichsinnenministerium pointed out this common objective: “The German people wish to preserve their blood and culture pure and proper, as the Jews have set out since the Prophet Ezra for their people as a demand […].”[5] Julius Streicher, Gauleiter in Franken and publisher of the “Der Stürmer” said in the trial of Nuremberg 1946: “Jewish law was our model[6]. In view of the numerical ratios, there were no Non-Jewish im”puri”ties increasing.

  • Leading figures in national socialism, disguised themselves as Non-Jewish (see Bankers over Swastika), namely Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Heß, Hermann Wilhelm Göring, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Funk, Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler, Paul Joseph Goebbels, Richard Glücks, Arnolt Bronnen, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Alois Brunner, Adolf Eichmann, Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, Ernst Sedgewick Hanfstaengl, Kurt Freiherr von Schröder, Alfred Rosenberg, Franz Pfeffer von Salomon, Gregor Strasser, Otto Strasser, Wilhelm Canaris, Robert Ley, Hans Frank, Wilhelm Frick, Emil Maurice, Baldur von Schirach, Klaus Barbie, Heinrich Müller, Erhard Milch, Julius Streicher, Fritz Brandt, Odilo Globocnik, Wilhelm Jordan, Wilhelm Kube, Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski, Emil Georg Ritter von Stauss, Johann von Stein. Others, such as Karl Haushofer, pretended that their wives were Non-Jewish [7].
  • In a letter to chancellery head Martin Bormann dated December 13, 1940, Kurt Mayer, head of the Reichssippenamt (Reich Office of Genealogy), remarked that it “was not possible to establish exactly (sic, a.) how high the proportion of NSDAP members with a Jewish background” actually was. “It is positively horrendous to observe what uncontrollable rulings the party has passed up to this day, especially as their legal effect has rendered them irreversible[8].

In 1942, Martin Bormann announced that half-breed Jews would be given equality with persons of German blood if, for example, “a half-breed Jew […], without having known of his mixed origins, worked for the party for many years during the period of struggle[9].

“Half-breed” Jewish persons were significantly involved in the development of the NSDAP in the 1920s. Their involvement was so “positive[10] that the interest of people of Jewish origin in the Hitler dictatorship would at the latest have become visible when enforcing the Nuremberg laws, due to the disempowerment and forced emigration (at least) of a large number of leading NSDAP members.

Hitler hid the participation of Jewish persons in the NSDAP with the help of blood transforms. The most prominent members in particular, for example Hermann Wilhelm Göring, his brother Albert, his wife Emmy Sonnemann, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Canaris, Gerhard Engel, Karl Dönitz, Paul Joseph Goebbels, Magda Goebbels, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Albert Kesselring, Erich Raeder, Fritz Sauckel, Baldur von Schirach, Adolf Eichmann, and Heinrich Himmler, took care along with Hitler to transform Jewish blood[11].

9,636 Jewish members of the NSDAP requested their blood-transformation. Between 1935 and the beginning of 1941, Hitler declared 260 of this multitude of “prominent, deserving party fighters, high party functionaries, mainly illegitimate children”[12] from Jewish to be German blood[13]. In Berlin, 1,300 Jewish people were made honorary Aryans.

Aircraft manufacturer Ernst Heinrich Heinkel let himself to be declared as German blooded. On July 23, 1937, Arthur Imhausen, proprietor of the Imhausen chemical company in Witten, was declared by Hitler to be a German-blooded entrepreneur. The proprietors of chemical companies Freudenberg & Co., Weinheim, Richard Freudenberg, and of Th. Goldschmidt AG, Essen, Bernhard Goldschmidt, also let themselves be blood-transformed and became „Wehrwirtschaftsführer” responsible for the production of war materials. Albrecht Wertheim, grandson of department store founder Abraham Wertheim, Berlin, had himself declared a German-blooded officer in 1939[14]. In 1939, the members of the Wittgenstein banking family in Vienna also had themselves declared of German blood. Despite his origins, Friedrich Mandl, Austria’s most important arms manufacturer, joined the NSDAP as a German-blooded member and supplied arms for Hitler’s war.

Hitler implemented one carefully selected change of origin in September 1939 after the occupation of West Poland. Major Ernst Ferdinand Benjamin Bloch, son of the Jewish doctor Dr. med. Oskar Bloch, was declared by him to be a German-blooded officer for the period until the end of the war. Ernst Bloch had been a Reichswehr officer since 1919. In 1935, he was put in charge of the business department of the “Abwehr”, the military intelligence agency led by Wilhelm Canaris.

In September 1939, Bloch was sent to Warsaw as the head of a group of four Jewish members of the Wehrmacht. In December 1939, he escorted the most important priestly leader of the Hasidic Jewish persons, “Lubavicher Rebbe” Joseph Isaak Schneersohn, from Warsaw to Berlin for one week, then back to Warsaw, then on to Kovno, and then to Riga for his emigration to New York via Sweden (cf. chapter on Auschwitz).

In the Netherlands, six out of 12 Jewish leading functionaries of the national socialist NSB were declared Aryan. NSB leader Anton Mussert was Jewish, as were Max Blokzijl, in charge of propaganda, and the head of the educational department. They were among the 47 Jewish persons in the Netherlands who had been granted written exemption from discrimination. Others were waved through, e.g. on Göring’s orders[15].

“Five Jewish persons were among the founders of fascism in Italy in March 1919, and Mussolini’s closest advisers included several Jewish persons”[16]. Mussolini’s finance ministers were the Jewish persons Guido Jung and Giuseppe Volpi. His biographer Marghereti G. Sarfatti, Ivo Levi, and the Banca Commerciale banker Toeplitz all came from Jewish backgrounds.

Sir Oswald Mosley, “kosher fascist” from a Jewish background, friend of Lord Rothermere, first a Conservative then later a Labour minister, became the founder of the British Union of Fascists. This organization’s propaganda minister John Beckett and leading members Bill Leaper, Harald Sorett and Albert Lynden were Jewish in origin, and incited a hatred of Jewish persons in Britain that facilitated the massacre of millions of Jewish persons in Eastern Europe despite the Balfour Declaration and the space available for settlement in countries such as Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Britain itself.

Almost all the leaders, including Ante Pavelić, who led the Ustaše, the Croatian fascist party which tortured and murdered Jewish persons, were married to Jewish wives[17]. Croatia’s ambassador to Hungary and Italy was the Jewish person Alexander Klein.[18]

In France too, the German government declared a number of Jewish people Non-Jewish and gave them (relatively speaking) preferential treatment. These were appointed to important positions after the war: bacteriologist Robert Debre and his son Michel Debre among them. Michel Debre became Minister of Justice, Prime Minister (1959 – 1962), Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Defense[19]. Jacques Rueff, Vice-President of the Banc de France from 1940 to 1978, received certification granting him equivalent status with Aryans.

The massacre of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian Jewish persons (“Falasha”) by toxic gas between 1935 and 1941 was largely carried out by the Jewish dominated British secret service MI6 with the help of Mussolini.

The Alevi massacres in Dersin, Turkey, between 1937 – 1939 were masterminded by the Jewish Kemal Pasha Atatürk and his military commanders, most of whom were Alevis.

In 1994, Paul Kagame, the Jewish President of Rwanda, saw the massacre of 800,000 “Tutsis” (Jewish in origin) and “Hutus”. However, after being educated in the USA, he succeeded in bringing the surviving Tutsis to power.

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Holocausts since 1888

Murder of Millions of Jewish people by Disease Since 1888

At the end of 1888, when the government in Vienna banned mouth-penis-wound-sucking (Metzitza b’Peh) during Jewish ritual circumcision, Jewish dealers bought thousands upon thousands of horses from farmers in Galicia[1]. Allegedly severe drought forced the farmers to give up their horses to the buyers that fall. The corpses of the horses were turned into expensive fertilizer using a special composting technique[2].

Many of the horses were very sick, “appeared to be just skin and bone”. They were slaughtered in various parts of Galicia; the hide and bones were used but the flesh was left behind. Some of the bones were ground and turned into fertilizer in the “first American steam mill for bones”[3]. Herds of pigs were driven out to feed in the areas where the meat of hundreds of horses had been left[4].

1889 saw the biggest famine in history of Galicia/Austria. Tuberculosis, typhus, diphtheria, chickenpox, and cholera broke out in east Galicia[5]. 50,000 people died of starvation every year. The average life expectancy for men fell to 27 years. After her journey through Galicia, Bertha Pappenheim described “[…] all the losses that the Jewish inhabitants of Galicia have suffered, like a grave disease that never ends”[6]. Large numbers of Jewish persons emigrated from Galicia to North and South America. “A regular frenzy of emigration has taken hold”[7]. From 1880 to 1900, 40% of all emigrants from Galicia were Jewish persons[8], although they only made up 10% of the population. However, the epidemics pursued them: “The weakest of them died on the voyage across”[9], while “Sick emigrants were sent back with increasing frequency[10]. Even after their arrival in America, they were prone to early death: the emigrants first succumbed to American plague[11], then to Brazilian fever[12]. People died like flies[13].

The biological influence exerted over Jewish people in Galicia/Austria also affected their sex lives. Despite poverty and epidemics, the birth rate in Galicia was higher than in most other parts of Europe[14], and the growth of Galicia’s Jewish population eclipsed even that of the other groups[15]. In 1904, Pappenheim wrote that Jewish women in Galicia were “hot-blooded”. In “The Immorality of Galician Women”[16], she cited poverty as the reason why prostitution was more than averagely prevalent, but did not explain how poverty in Galicia led to prostitution. Jacob Caro: “The women of Galicia are more frivolous and immoral than all others”[17]. With regard to the disproportionately high number of whores and pimps from Galicia, Pollack wrote: “Galicia plays a particularly bleak role as the country of origin of many of the girls and also of most of their procurers”[18]. In 1889, Theodor Herzl wrote that “in recent years Jewish women from Galicia have turned to prostitution remarkably often. They travel to all parts of the world as merchandise for the most appalling trade. If we consider the former purity of Jewish family life, such a development makes the heart ache”[19]. Bertha Pappenheim wrote that “the secret prostitution spreading throughout the land like an epidemic [does not involve] women and girls who […] have been ʻinfectedʼ by modern or emancipated ideas. Instead, they are women and girls who live ultra-Orthodox lives, who scrupulously observe the Sabbath, the food laws, and all other ritual requirements, yet are absolutely unrestrained in terms of morality”[20]. Galicia’s prostitutes were exported. “In around 1891, there was a sudden rise in the number of prostitutes in the Alsterstadt (Hamburg – author’s note); most of them came from Galicia and Russia”[21]. From 1881, they emigrated via Brody, where huge barracks were built[22]. From 1888, Oswiecim (Auschwitz), the Yiddish “Oschpitziner Jerusalem” (8,000 Jewish persons and 7,000 Christians), became a place where emigrants, prostitutes, and people going temporarily to America for work gathered before their departure[23].

In 1915, the Russian government abducted and expelled 1.5 million Jewish persons from Russia and Belarus. When German and Austrian troops occupied the area in August 1915, they continued the expulsions and prevented the Jewish persons from returning to the areas destroyed. They also forced the local inhabitants out of the region by spreading diseases such as typhus fever, cholera, and malaria. Millions of them fell ill, some with deadly typhus fever, spread in particular by lice that carried the previously unknown bacteria Rickettsia prowazecki. There were no cases of typhus fever on the Western front, although the Germans took only a few countermeasures and the French and British none at all. On the Eastern front and in the Soviet Union, however, 30 million people contracted the disease between November 1917 and the end of 1921, and three million of them died[24]. The spread of these louse-borne bacteria did have fatal consequences for German military physicians. The „Spiegel” magazine glosses this over: “The army […] deployed medical troops to treat the local population (by force if necessary), which was said to be infested with lice. This work was hazardous: 10 of the 50 German medical officers in occupied Poland died of typhus”[25]. However, apart from the physicians, hardly any German soldiers succumbed to the disease.

The „Hilfsverein der deutschen Juden” (Aid Association of German Jewish persons), Berlin, had been building schools in Palestine for “East European Jewish persons” since 1901. During World War I, it worked with Jewish organizations in the US to take 200,000 people from German-occupied territories and resettle them in Palestine. The USA kept a military presence in the “Ober-Ost” region of Poland even after declaring war on Germany on April 2, 1917, having simply refrained from making a declaration of war on Austria. At that time, German and US organizations were working together in Austrian Galicia. Not until December 7, 1917, did the USA finally declare war on its Austrian hosts.

Many of the following quotations are taken from “The First Holocaust” by Don Heddesheimer[26], while the interpretations are partly the author’s own.

“As soon as the World War (I) started and it was obvious that a large part of the War would be fought in the zone in which six or seven million Jews lived, particularly Poland, Russia, and Galicia, many worthy people started organizations to collect funds for the sufferers in the War zones”[27]. The locations of Russia’s, Germany’s, and Austria’s military activities were therefore known for example to the Warburg bankers. Activities for Eastern Europe took place during the month when war began. The Central Committee for the Relief of Jewish persons Suffering Through the War (October 1914), the American Jewish Relief Committee (1914), and American Jewish Joint Distribution for Jewish War Sufferers (1914) were established under the supervision of the Warburgs and the President of the American Jewish Committee, Louis Marshall. On January 13, 1915, Marshall said, “In the world today there are about 13 million Jews, of whom more than 6 million are in the heart of the war zone […] who today are subject to every manner of suffering and sorrow […] We hear of pogroms in Russia, in Poland, in Galicia”, claiming it to be the blackest period of Jewish history. In September 1915, the “Ezras Torah Fund” was set up to support rabbis and zadeks in East Europe. From October 1915, the governments of Germany and other countries worked with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) in the USA to implement measures in East Europe. In May 1916, the New York Times wrote that 1,770,000 of the 2,450,000 Jewish persons that formerly inhabited Poland, Lithuania, and Courland were still living there, and that 700,000 of them were in desperate need of help[28]. In August 1915, the Russian government granted freedom of movement for Jewish people throughout Russia, already in 1916, one million Jewish persons were expelled. In 1916, the American Jewish Committee circulated 25,000 copies of “The Jews in the Eastern War Zone”: “[…] Hundreds of thousands were forced from their homes on a day’s notice, the more fortunate being packed and shipped as freight – the old, the sick and insane, men, women, and children, shuttled from one province to another, side-tracked for days without food or help of any kind – the less fortunate driven into the woods and swamps to die of starvation […][29][…] the Jews, already proscribed by the Russians and Poles, met with a concentrated orgy of hatred, blood lust, and vindictive opportunity that threatened to wipe them out in one vast holocaust”.[30] Until 1917, banker Jacob Schiff repeatedly demanded an end to “this holocaust”[31].

By April 1917, 19 million US dollars had been sent from the USA via Berlin to German-occupied Poland; another $2 million followed via Holland/Berlin. By the end of the war, the “six million” Jewish persons in East Europe were not dead, but victim to “unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease”[32]. On April 21, 1920, the New York Times reported: “In Europe there are today more than 5 million Jews who are starving or on the verge of starvation, and many are in the grip of a virulent typhus epidemic” in the regions that had received 30 million US dollars in aid. “The war has left 5 million destitute and stricken Jews in Eastern Europe […] Their number is being reduced every day by a series of the most terrible epidemics that ever swept any section of the world. Typhus, cholera, and smallpox […] Dirt and malnutrition are the two great causes of the epidemic of disease […] Two out of three infants do not survive their first year of life […]an abnormal number of children are born blind […]a new eye disease … attacked thousands of children […]” [33].

Based on agreements reached by Germany and the new Soviet Union, Germany and Austria occupied Ukraine in February 1918, seizing the capital Kiev in March and parts of the Caucasus in summer that same year. Between 1917 and 1920, there were 2,000 pogroms in the region, which led to the murder of 85,000 Jewish persons. Tens of thousands fled. Carl Melchior, who later became a partner in the Warburg Bank, was an officer there.

In 1926, there were new reports of epidemics among the Jewish persons in East Europe together with an increased incidence of tuberculosis, psychiatric disorders, and suicide.

Mass Murders of Armenian, Aramaic, Greek, and Jewish People 1895-1923

The deportation of “Armenians”, Jewish and Christian persons from parts of the Ottoman Empire bordering on Russia started in 1895. At that time, “thousands of Jews were deported to Syria (Palestine – author’s note) for forced labor, and many of them perished”[34].

“At least 200,000 Armenians died in the pogroms that took place during the last decade of the 19th century.” The “Armenians” were driven south from East Turkey, particularly after 1915.

Here Zionist functionary Sarah Aaronsohn observed, “while travelling from Constantinople back to Palestine […] how thousands of Armenians were mercilessly driven south by the Turks […]”[35]. “Armenian men were mostly killed on the spot, the survivors, women and children were deported, first to Aleppo and then into the Syrian and Mesopotamian desert, where around 200,000 people fell victim to mass executions. Another 400,000 died on death marches or in camps under the open skies”[36].

On the German side, affairs in Turkey were organized by General Otto Liman von Sanders, General Willy Leopold Freiherr von der Goltz, and General Erich von Falkenhayn as general staff officers, along with 900 officers such as the Zionist and military correspondent of the „Münchener Neueste Nachrichten”, Franz Carl Endres, the Navy attaché Hans Humann, Eberhard Wolffskehl, Paul Borchardt, and the later supporters of the National Socialist regime Franz von Papen, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Martin Bormann, Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter, and Franz Gürtner.

Lieutenant-Colonel Böttrich was in charge of the railway department at the Ottoman general headquarters and was responsible for the transportation of Armenian and Jewish people. The Baghdad Railway from Istanbul, financed by the Deutsche Bank, had been built as far as the Palestinian border by 1915 and facilitated the transport of hundreds of thousands of people to Palestine.

The deportation and murder of hundreds of thousands of “Armenians” by “Turkish” units under the command of German generals, an act that remains utterly incomprehensible even to this day, was carefully observed and described by the US American ambassador, Jewish banker Heinrich Morgenthau, who originally came from Mannheim, Germany.

The chronological and geographical links between the pogroms and expulsions of Jewish people in Russia and the deportation of “Armenians” suggest that the Jewish people who survived disease and other hardships were forced out of Russian territory and made to go to Palestine.

Eight Million People killed in 1931 – 1933 in Soviet Ukraine and in Polish Galicia by diseases/hunger (“Holodomor”)

In 1932 and 1933, Ukraine, which used to be the granary of Imperial Russia, was swept by deadly epidemics and severe crop failures. Around 8 million people died of disease and starvation. The governments of the USA, Britain, France, Poland, and particularly of Germany, which had thousands of Reichswehr soldiers stationed in the Soviet Union, hid this mass murder of Jewish and Non-Jewish inhabitants by the Soviets under a cloak of silence. In August 1933, the New York Times actually printed the following against its better knowledge: “Any report of a famine in Russia is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda”[37].

In 1934, the President of the (Jewish) British Board of Deputies reported from Poland that he had “never seen such poverty, squalor, and filth. It made one despair of civilization”[38]. In 1935, the Chairman of the Polish Committee of the American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee, Alexander Kahn, reported that one third of Polish Jewry had no income, no work, or was living in difficult conditions[39].

In October 1936, Asch Scholem reported on the health and physical condition of the Jewish persons in Poland: “Every second person was undernourished, skeletons of skin and bones, crippled, candidates for the grave”[40].

In 1937, the Jewish Chronicle described the Jewish people in Poland as “a helpless minority sunk in squalid poverty and misery such as can surely be paralleled nowhere on the face of the earth. […] one third of the Jewish population is on the brink of starvation”[41]. In 1937, an official investigation of Jewish children in Poland found that only 17% were healthy. 83% were frail, anemic, neglected, malnourished, or starving[42].

Hunger and plagues killed tens of thousands in the ghettoes, even before the Nazis began their general destruction. Infant mortality was up to 60-70% in various places – a shocking and unparalleled phenomenon”[43]. “For the last two years (since 1936 – author’s note) the Jewish persons have suffered almost incessant physical assaults and pogroms. This outburst of anti-Semitic bestiality has no equal in Europe, not even in Nazi Germany[44], reported The Nation, New York, in 1938.

By August 1940, according to a report (August 15, 1940) by the Jewish Agency’s representative in Geneva, Richard Lichtheim, hundreds of thousands of Jewish persons had perished and there were 1,250,000 degraded humans close to death in the Polish ghettos. Behind the walls and barbed wire fences of the concentration camps, there were unpaid forced laborers who went without clothing, malnourished Jewish persons, and children who died of hunger and cold[45]. As early as January 1942, at the Wannsee Conference convened to plan the mass extermination of the Jewish persons, Secretary of State Bühler remarked that “in German-occupied Poland […] most of the 2 ½ million Jews who came into question were unfit for labor” (cf. chapter on Auschwitz).

In 1948, Yehuda Bauer wrote: “The destruction of European Jewry during World War II has obliterated the memory of that first Holocaust of the 20th century in the wake of the first world conflict”[46].

Jewish persons abducted for Conquest of Palestine in 1948

After the end of World War II, more than 1 million people, mainly from East Europe, were sent to Germany and Austria (of all places) as “displaced persons” [47], not as “refugees”. They were forced to travel via Stettin (Szczecin), where 25,000 Jewish people from the Soviet Union had been sent in 1946,[48] Wroclaw Breslau, Poland, and Berlin for resettlement.

They were accommodated at around 1,000 locations in Germany (e.g. in Bremen, Hanover, Berlin, Frankfurt-Höchst, Stuttgart, Baden-Baden, Munich, Regensburg, and in Salzburg, Vienna and Linz), Emsland and Bavaria, including approx. 60 camps (e.g. Bergen-Belsen), and specially depopulated villages (e.g. Spahn and Neuvrees, Emsland) and towns (e.g. Haren (Maczkow), Emsland). All correspondence was forbidden to them until October 1945[49]. Between 1948 and 1957, after the establishment of the State of Israel, most of them were sent from the displaced persons’ camps to Palestine/Israel.


Mind-altering substances

Descriptions of the behavior, appearance, and movements of the people who lived in the displaced persons’ camps between 1945 and 1948[50] suggest that they were treated with mind-altering substances. The level of crime and the comparatively high birth rate were remarkable[51]. The Jewish inmates of the camps were described by Jewish social workers and Jewish American camp officials as depressed, dull, resigned, unable to live any kind of normal life, uncivilized, blind to the most basic requirements of hygiene, profligate towards the other sex, and disinclined to work or pursue any kind of activity[52]. Hypersexuality was observed among the Jewish people in the approx. 60 displaced persons’ camps in Germany[53]. Jewish displaced persons in occupied Germany produced a record number of children; in fact, they had the highest birth rate of any Jewish community in the world[54], while Non-Jewish women were suffering from infertility.

In his memoirs, writer Elias Canetti recalled the effects of the mind-altering substances used to resettle Jewish persons in Palestine: “As early as 1927, he reported on his stay in Bulgaria and his astonishment, apparently shared by many people, about the rapturous state to which certain Jewish preachers elevated a considerable number of Jews in order to motivate them to emigrate to Palestine. He asked himself why these people did such a thing, when they were esteemed and regarded as fellow citizens at home (in Bulgaria), and could practice their professions and earn a good income.”

Note: This is an excerpt from the book “The Jubilee Murders – Originators and Methods of Mass Murders”. This book can you buy in shop.


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Jewish Slave Traders

Slaves were a legitimate part of the Israelite power structures[1]. The enslavement by violence of large numbers of men and women of all ages is expressly provided for in Jewish and Christian[2] religious law[3]. The slave trade was legal. In contrast, the abduction and theft of people who were already slaves was punishable by death[4]. Jewish slaves were freed after no more than seven years. Jewish and Non-Jewish person slaves were freed every jubilee year[5].

At the time of the Seleucid Empire (200 BC to 60 BC), the slave trade was an important source of income for Jewish people in Palestine[6]. During Herod’s reign in Palestine (37 BC – 4 BC), Rome was home to 50,000 Jewish people: merchants, landowners, physicians, jurists, craftsmen, hawkers, and beggars[7]. The merchants sold slaves[8]. Hundreds of thousands of slaves belonging to Jewish colonizers[9] were recruited into the Jewish religious group known as the Nazarenes (“early Christians”). Most of them were murdered: the world’s Jewish population fell from 5.5 million to 1 million by AD 350[10]. The corpses of 3 million people are stored in the catacombs around Rome; these are 600 miles long and in some places three storeys high. During the Middle Ages, bones from 13 Jewish-only and later from 53 Judeo-Christian enclaves were “removed from their graves and sold in all quarters of the world as […] relics of Christian martyrs. For centuries, the trade in relics from the catacombs was Rome’s most important source of income”[11].

The graves in the catacombs were and probably still are reservoirs of pathogens. The markings indicate the type of pathogen: the thousands of “orantes” with their hands raised in the air probably refer to substances used for enslavement, as do doves, pelicans, and anchors. Palms and thousands of “Jonases” being regurgitated by sea serpents may indicate stimulants used to improve male fertility, while peacocks/grapes might refer to substances that induce hysteria. Lambs probably mark retroviruses that cause scrapie. Fish indicate substances that can spread in water, e.g. Aspergillus flavus or mycobacteria that cause tuberculosis and leprosy, while olive branches denote lipophilic substances, and phoenixes mark fire-resistant mycotoxins/trichothecenes that trigger various changes in the immune system.

Who had control of these biological weapons was world power.

The rule that slaves had to be freed every jubilee year was compatible with Emperor Constantine’s law prohibiting Jewish persons from “owning slaves who could have become Jews[12]. However, a number of Jewish people were still engaging in the slave trade in medieval times (500 – 1500 – author’s note). “Jews were among the most important slave dealers in European society[13]. “The principal purchasers of slaves were found among the Jews […] They seemed to be always and everywhere at hand to buy, and to have the means equally ready to pay[14].

In 492, Pope Gelasius authorized the Jewish persons to enslave non-Christians in France and take them to Italy[15].

The third and fourth Councils of Orleans (538 and 541), the Council of Paris (633), the Council of Toledo (633), and the synods of Szaboles (1092), Ghent (1112), Beziers (1226), and Narbonne (1227) banned Jewish slave traders from selling Christian slaves but allowed them to sell non-Christians.

At the time of Pope Gregory the Great (590-604), Jews had become the chief traders in this class of traffic” (the slave trade – author’s note)[16]. In the Frankish Empire, which was officially Roman Catholic, Jewish persons were allowed to own heathens and Christians as slaves and to abduct them for slavery. “Gregory (Pope Gregory I – author’s note) was appalled by this and wrote to the rulers of that time, Theoderich (Dietrich) of Burgundy, Theodebert (Dietbert) of Austrasia, and Queen Brunhilde, expressing his surprise that they could allow the Jews to own Christian slaves[17]. It was not human slavery that he criticized, but only the possession of Christian slaves. Jewish slave traders transported Christian and heathen slaves from Gaul to Naples, from where they were sold to the Near East[18]. These abductions under the influence of mind-altering substances were later disguised to some extent as “Children’s Crusades”.

Medieval Jewish persons “regarded the Slavic East as the land of slaves par excellence […][19].

Jewish “Khazars” in Eastern Europe, Southern Russia (c. 4th to 10th century), Jewish “Rus”, “Karaits”, “Rabbanits”, “Romaniots”, “Krymchaks”, engaged in a lively rape trade in slaves from Eastern Europe. In Istanbul exclusively 2,000 Jewish persons had the monopoly of trading slaves.[20] Vandals, Goths, Rugians, Gepids, Scirians, Lombards, Wagrians, and Saxons were all granted to the Jewish persons by the rulers of the Christian church and state to securing their monopoly of the slave trade. Jewish “Normans”, “Danes”, “Jutes”, “Godens”, “Vikings” in northern France, Denmark, England, Scotland, Northern Europe murdered countless people and enslaved countless more. The CCR5 gene with 32bp deletion, the enslavement gene (cf. “Jewish Ritual Circumcision”), is now more common in these regions.

Lyon, France, was a Jewish mercantile center for the sale of Germanic slaves to the Mediterranean[21] as well as Verdun and Narbonne. “Between the sixth and tenth centuries, the slave trade was monopolized by Iberian Jewish persons known as Radhanites[22].

Charlemagne confirmed the Jewish merchants’ monopoly on slavery and the sale of heathens. Long-distance trade in Carolingian times was also solely the province of the Jewish persons. At that time, large numbers of slaves were sold from Europe to North Africa[23]. In 845, when Jewish traders abducted priests and deacons of the “slave apostle” Methoel and transported them to Venice for sale, those involved protested to the bishops assembled at the Council of Meaux[24].

King Louis the Pious of France (778 – 840) guaranteed the Jewish persons the right to trade heathen slaves in his kingdom.

Bishop Agobard of Lyon (769 – 840) testified that the Jewish persons had acquired the privilege to trade heathen slaves, although he protested against their trade in Christians.

In 870, the Persian geographer Ibn Khordadhbeh wrote, “Jewish long-distance traders […] bring eunuchs, slaves, boys, (emph. b.a.) silk (from the Rhone delta – author’s note), furs, and swords from the Occident[25].The long-distance traders […] were Jews […] doing a flourishing trade in slaves, mostly Slavic in origin”[26]. The physician Abraham Ben Jacov, a Jewish slave trader from Córdoba, Andalusia, described for example how he started collecting slaves from central and eastern Europe in 960, how he visited Bohemia, Krakow, Prague, the Ore mountains, Sayda, Nienburg (Saale), Magdeburg, and Haithabu, how he sat on the Imperial Diet of Otto the Great in Quedlinburg in 973, and how he did business in Vineta, Mainz, Speyer, and Worms. Slaves were taken from Mecklenburg along the Amber Road, the „Hellweg”, to Verdun and Andalusia.

Jewish merchants sold slaves in Spain[27]. “The golden age of Jewry in Spain owed some of its wealth to an international network of Jewish slave traders. Bohemian (East German – author’s note) Jews purchased Slavonians and sold them to Spanish Jews for resale to the Moors”[28].

In 1414, the city of Heilbronn issued a letter of protection granting the Jewish persons certain privileges. These included the handling of slave transports in Heilbronn.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the slave trade in medieval Europe was solely the domain of Arab (not “Muslim” – author’s note) and Jewish traders[29].

The Jewish Encyclopedia[30] also describes the Jewish monopoly on the slave trade until c. 1100 under “Slave trade” and “Commerce”.

The Jewish domination of Portuguese trade meant that the Jewish persons were first and foremost among the groups active on the slave markets[31].

[…] the slave trade was one of the most important Jewish activities here (in Suriname – author’s note) as elsewhere in the colonies[32]. “In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated[33].

In 1696, Louis Gomez, son of Isaac Gomez, the financial advisor of King Philip IV of Spain, began exporting slaves to New York via Jamaica. “[…] trading sugar and slaves were common occupations of Jews in the Middle Ages[34] (correct: in modern times – author’s note).

The “Jews in Brazil… played a leading role in the slave trade[35].

In North America, Jewish traders such as Jacob Ottolengui, Ralph de Paas, H.H. de Loek, Abraham Mendes Seixas, Jacob Lumbrozo, Louis Gomez, brothers John and Philip Rosevelt, the Pereiras, the Jesurunes, the Oliveiras, and the Levys disguised themselves as subservient Christians[36] to abduct and sell people who had been robbed of their will.[37] In Amsterdam, they included the private traders Jacob Pereira, David Ximenes, Manuel de Belmonte (alias van Schoonenbergh), Simon de Souza, Luis de Souza, Antonio Alvares Machado (alias Anthony von Bijl), Marij de Gaeij, Gerrit van Leeuwen, Aegidius van den Bempden, Emanuel Alvares Pinto the van Bambeek family, and the Munter family[38], some of whom pretended to be Portuguese Christians. In 1694, 500 Jewish persons had 40 sugar plantations in Suriname that were worked by slaves. In 1730, 286 sugar plantations there were run by Christian slave owners and 115 by Jewish slave owners[39].

In 1830, Charleston, the capital of South Carolina and the USA’s main slave importer with a prison camp for slaves at Fort Sullivan (turnover: 200,000 people – author’s note), was home to the largest Jewish community in the USA (Wikipedia). In 1780, the largest Jewish group anywhere in the Americas (2,000 people) was located in Curacao, a major center of the slave trade[40].

The entry on the “Slave trade” in the „Handbuch des Antisemitismus” [“Handbook of Anti-Semitism”] notes: “After the Exodus from Egypt, the Jews – as far as we know – played no major role until the conquest of America by the slave trade. …In general, they were…excluded from the slave trade on all the (Caribbean) islands…unlike Christians, they were at times forbidden to keep slaves…[41].

Alleged Reasons for the slave trade of Jewish persons

Jews were allegedly forced into the slave trade: “Jews who were frequently found at the heart of commerce could not have failed to contribute a proportionate share to the (slave) trade directly or indirectly. In 1460, when Jews were the masters of the nautical sciences in Portugal, that nation was importing 700-800 slaves yearly[42]. “They dealt in slaves, as was the necessity of the time […][43]. “Ancient and medieval society could not function without slaves, and because of their extensive connections, the Jews were the best intermediaries for this appalling yet at that time by no means dishonorable branch of commerce”[44]. “ Jews were large-scale slave traders, being well-qualified culturally to act as intermediaries between the Christian and Muslim civilizations, and ultimately what made the slave trade lucrative in the northern world … Was the inexhaustible demand for slaves in the Muslim world”[45].

“Selling people into slavery has a dreadful sound, but in those days it was not quite so dreadful a thing, nor even so avoidable a one, as it would be in these”[46].

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia says that the Jewish persons were “especially adapted” to the slave trade because of their knowledge of languages[47].

Modern Times Murders and Abductions of people in Africa, America, Asia and Australia

After Christopher Columbus arrived in Haiti, people were abducted in America and sent to Spain. They were already being sold in Seville in 1495.

Over the next 400 years, more than 100 million “Indians” in North and Central America were killed, mainly by disease[48]. To America, approximately 10 million living people were abducted from Africa[49].

To Africa (Cape Colony), where the people in the south, the San/Bushmen, were decimated to such a degree that the Dutch conquerors led by Jan van Riebeck were able to claim that the country was empty on their arrival, 300,000 persons from India were abducted and transported to Kenya and Tanzania.

Jan Pieterszoon Coen (born and baptized on January 8, 1587, died in 1629, “said to have been Jewish in origin”[50]) was the founder of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia. As “the worst butcher of the VOC”, he depopulated the Malukan islands of Banda and Ambon by murdering thousands of inhabitants, and subsequently had the spice plantations worked by slaves abducted from other islands.

European persons weakened and killed the people of the Easter Islands with biological weapons before enslaving the survivors[51].

The 3 million inhabitants of Australia and Tasmania were almost all killed by disease. From the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th, inhabitants of the South Sea Islands were enslaved and sent to Australia, where they were murdered some time later or, from 1901, deported again[52].

Most of the population of Hawaii was killed by disease[53].


Note: This is an excerpt from the book “The Jubilee Murders – Originators and Methods of Mass Murders”. This book can you buy in shop.


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